Fishing The Teton River Plus A Comment

I had planned on writing a new post about fishing a beautiful small mountain lake for some hungry trout, but, I am a U.S. Army Veteran and the incident at Ft. Hood just took me out for a few days. Somethings are just not understandable!

However, I thought I would share this new video from Trout Unlimited. Hope you enjoy and I will post the fishing trip in a few days.


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Fall Fishing Favorites

My arms and legs tingled with anticipation as I walked the short trail down the river. It was a beautiful fall morning and the river section I had selected only had a couple of anglers in sight. The two anglers were poached on a couple of boulders on the far side of the river just below the dam. They were throwing heavily weighted sinkers with a bait of some sort into the heavy water from the spillway. My plan was to fish a run in the river downstream from them. The first few casts into the river were more exploratory than anything else. I was just working out the kinks from the last time I had fished. After a several casts and moving down stream a bit, I came across a section with an undercut bank that just looked really enticing to me. I was fishing with a floating jointed Rapala in the Rainbow Trout color. I cast the lure out into the stream and let it swim down the run. Nothing out in the deeper part of the run, but, my plan was too swim it up near the undercut bank on the retrieve. I watched closely as my lure rode along just sub-surface and reeled slowly as to keep the lure near the undercut bank as long as I possibly could. Suddenly, I felt the hit of a good trout. My plan had worked! After a tussle with the trout on the end of my line, I brought near shore at my feet where I could see it. It was a beautiful fall Brown Trout!

I brought it ashore and quickly as I could took my camera out and shot a quick picture of this Brown and then quickly released him to swim back to his undercut bank for another day and another time.

The fall fishing season is my favorite time of year. I love fishing for Brown Trout in the fall, and, as we know some big Brown Trout can be caught in the fall of the year as they prepare for the colder winter months to come. They are spawning and can be aggressive to protect their area. I do not fish directly over spawning beds, so let me make that clear. I do look for big Brown Trout, though!

In addition, the fall season is Elk hunting season. Nothing is more beautiful than to be outdoors in the fall of the year in the crisp air enjoying the beautiful color changes in our landscape and listening to a bugling elk off in the distance somewhere. I am not a hunter, as most of you know by know, however a bugling elk is one of the most beautiful sounds of the outdoors. Thought I would share a photo from my archives of a little ol’ Elk who came to visit one day while fishing.

Now that is what I call a double dip for the fall season.

Elk Fun

A friend of mine sent along this video to me for enjoyment. I thought it was fun to watch and thought I would share with my blogging friends. Hopefully, you will find it enjoyable!


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Fishing With Spammers!

Just a quick note here to let everyone know who stops by and who regularly reads my blog that “Spammers” have been busy swarming in and around my blog over the last few days. It has taken some effort to get all the junk out and secure the blog, but, I think I have it back to order.

One effect that it will have on those who leave comments on my posts is that I will be approving your comment before it gets posted. I had held out on doing this type of thing for some time, as approving comments mean they are posted sometime later than “Live”. I always liked the instantaneous ability to comment back and forth with those left comments. But, alas, I have changed the way the commenting will be updated, so that my posts are not inundated with everyone who wants to get “free” advertising by making annoying comments and mis-guided efforts at plugging their marketing product. Hope all my readers will continue to post and I will get your comments up as soon as they have passed through my quality assurance for my blog.


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Ben’s Giving It Away!

Just wanted to direct all my readers over to my Blog Buddy Ben G’s blog and encourage their participation in his giveaway of some outdoor goodies. Let’s support my fellow blogger!

Ben G. Outdoors is proud to announce our Fall 2009 Reader Appreciation Giveaway.

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