11 Jun

I hope that the title to this post does not catch my readers off guard or mislead them to think I am going to complain about another bad day of fishing. I do have enough of those days!

It has just been a tough afternoon locally for the outdoors folks on the Snake River through Idaho Falls and on nearby Ririe Reservoir.


Hats off this afternoon to the fine folks of Bonneville County Search & Rescue who were called to the Snake River near John’s Hole bridge to send divers into bring out a body discovered by another boater on the water. As of posting time a body has been removed and is awaiting identification.


Soon thereafter a call came in that took Search & Rescue members to Ririe Reservoir where a boat had been discovered still running near one of the cliffs of the reservoir. They found a hat floating in the water nearby, but, as of this post have not discovered the body. There is speculation that the boat belonged to an elderly gentleman seen launching his boat earlier in the day. Sadly, this doesn’t look good for recovery without it being more sad news.

My wife called me on the phone to make sure I was o.k. I was finishing up some work on my computer from my home office and had not ventured out on the water. I thanked her for checking on me. That means a lot to me.

Please be safe and take every precautionary measure any time you use our water resources for enjoyment rather you are an angler, a boater, skier, whatever. Lots of folks use Idaho waters every day. It is my prayer that anyone who uses our waters come home safely.

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