11 Jun


Yes, this is a fishing blog! That is my intention with Idaho Fishing Notebook, anyway. I have intended to post a fishing related blog post about some of my early season fishing trips. Complete with some nice photos of some of the fish I have had on. However, it hasn’t been quite that simple. My fishing has been marginal at best. I have been on the river a couple of times in and around town. The problem has been the river has been running rapid with water that often times looked like Hot Chocolate. Lots of runoff this year, complete with lots of driftwood and other matter has made fishing a challenge. So I am keeping an eye on the river flow and hoping that it will clear up just a little so I can give a Brownie or Rainbow a run for their money. Might have to visit one of the local ponds and settle for a mess of Perch. 250px-yellowperch A bucket full of some decent sized Perch is some good eating anyway!

I thought that I would encourage my readers to visit another one of the newer blogs on my blogroll. My new blogging friend Brian over at For The Love Of Fishing has experience what all of us probably come across now and then. Problems with a fishing tackle dealer and customer service issues. Drop over and read Brian’s latest post. It is good to know what might be waiting around the corner for you the next time you purchase similar tackle as Brian did. Encourage Brian with a comment on how you would manage his problem and voice your opinion if you don’t agree with him. He is looking for some help!

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Posted by on June 11, 2009 in Blog News, Fishing Eastern Idaho



  1. Mike

    June 16, 2009 at 10:20 pm

    Hey Mel what happend to your WordPress Blog ?????


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