11 Jun

My readers may or may not know that the Saturday before Memorial Day is the traditional opening day of fishing season in Idaho. Since I try my hardest to fish year round in Eastern Idaho, I don’t get to excited about the opener anymore. However, many anglers are unlike me and can’t wait to hit waters that have been closed until the traditional “Opener”. Beginning about Mid-May you can hear the buzz of fishing folks as they begin to plan their trip. Where will be the best place to fish? What should I use to fool those wily trout? What are the water conditions like? What is the weather for the “Opener” supposed to be like?

The “Opener” seems to draw every one who ever had a thought about fishing out of their homes and on to a piece of water in Eastern Idaho. Some will never fish again all season after this weekend.kallie-and-jozee-fishing But, you know it is the “opener” don’t you? I am sure that Eastern Idaho is in know way different than where you live. If your part of the country has a traditional “Opener” I am sure you can tell me all kinds of stories also.

I tend to stay away from the water on this holiday weekend as I don’t enjoy the outdoor calamity that goes with the fishing season “Opener”. Even when the fishing is for huge fish like these folks are fishing for, it kind of takes the adventure out of it for me. best-place-to-fish

Have you ever notice how many fishing folks come from nearby states to fish your waters on your states “Opener”. In Idaho, we tend to get lots of folks from Utah plying our waters. Nothing wrong with that, I guess, they help the economy in Idaho when they do this. However, I know that many of my earlier trips on the “Opener” in past years has caught me rebelling against this push to Idaho waters. I have heard it said in Eastern Idaho many, many times. The best place to fish in Idaho on the “Opener” is in MONTANA! Tee Hee!

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Posted by on June 11, 2009 in Fishing Eastern Idaho, Fishing Humor


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