11 Jun

Are you crazy about fishing? I can’t hear you! I said, “Are you crazy about fishing”? Well, yes I am, and, if you are too, then you should drop by the online store for The Crazy Fisherman Company and get more crazy.banner21

You know everyone Fathers Day is just around the corner. Time to think about getting dear ol’ dad (or Grandpa’ in my case) a unique gift for his special day this year. Actually, any time of the year is a good time to get your favorite angler, whomever they may be, a gift symbolizing their love of fishing.

I would like to point my readers to The Crazy Fisherman’s online store if you haven’t already been by. The online store is loaded with unique gift ideas. I thought I would give a couple of examples here to what I am talking about. First of all, they have great fishing related t-shirts! As I have stated before, I am a t-shirt and hat kind of guy. Here are a couple of photos of some of the unique t-shirts I particularly liked.

no-bones-about-itThe Crazy Fisherman’s No Bones About It T-Shirt.

pass-it-on-t-shirtNew for 2009, Fishing Pass It On T-shirt.

Besides t-shirts, you can find sweatshirts, hats, charming fishing creels gift boxed with all kinds of fishing matter, fishing and outdoor designed picture frames, and a host of other ideas for gifts too!

I did want to make particular mention of a lure that is marketed at The Crazy Fisherman. After reading about the SteelShad and how successful it has been. I know that I am going to have to get my hands on the gift set of SteelShad lures and bust a Rainbow or Brown or a Smallmouth with this great looking lure.

steelshad“EAT ME Fishy”

Please drop by The Crazy Fisherman and tell Vernon that Mel pointed you in his direction. Be sure and drop by Vernon’s blog also at Fishing News and say hello too. It’s a fun place to read about fishing gear.


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