06 May


I need to do something with this post that has long been overdue. For some time now, I have actively browsed the ‘net looking for what I think are enjoyable an informative fishing and outdoor related blogs to share with the readers at Idaho Fishing Notebook via my blogroll on the right sidebar of my blog page. You will find many great fishing and outdoor related blogs there written by my “Blog Buddies” who share their interests from their heart about their favorite fishing or other outdoor pasttime.

In the past, when I came across one of these blogs that peaked my interest, I would simply add them to my blogroll list. However, I want to start giving my fellow bloggers some due attention by introducing the new ones as I add them. That means that many of you who are already listed won’t receive the introduction other than me pointing the readers to my growing blogroll where your blog is already listed. On occassion, I plan on highlighting individual blogs and what you have been writing about. So for now, here is two new blogs that I have just recently added to my blogroll.

Catfishchic’s Fishing Blog

This brand new blog is written by a gal angler from down Texas way who just loves to fish. That’s my kind of gal. She obviously enjoys fishing for some big ol’ Catfish amongst other fishing interests. She has posted some excellent tips to start with on some favorite Catfish baits. Looks like this is going to be a good blog to keep an eye on for some good fishing stories. Kudo’s for Diane for writing and sharing her fishing interests. Please drop on over and say hello and let her know you support her and tell her Mel sent you that way. We need to get her on board with the OBS if she is interested.

Hunting Reviews

This blog is also new to the blogging scene and features two hunting buddies give unbiased reviews of all products and services related to hunting deer, turkey, waterfowl, small game, and big game. Reviews of guns, hunting calls, decoys, tree stands, hunting camps, hunting leases, blinds, vests, boots, clothing, scent elimination, archery, etc.. They certainly are off to a good start and their posts are very informative and well done. So if you are a hunter or a fan of the great outdoors you need to drop over and say hello and tell them Mel sent you that way. I would appreciate that and I know they would enjoy your comments. I believe they are already on board at the OBS so let them know we support their efforts.

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