18 Apr


Awhile back I came across a post on one of my favorite outdoor blogs, Outdoors With Othmar Vohringer, that caught my special attention. It was a post doing a review of some great t-shirts that are being marketed from Field Dressed. Being an outdoorsy, t-shirt kind of guy, I read the review with some serious interest. I then visited Field Dressed on-line to check them out first hand. I was very impressed with what I saw there. The t-shirts were intricately designed. Excellent design work and a great layout. I was impressed.




Then I came across the fact that Chad, the guy behind the Field Dressed operation had began his own blog focused on the outdoors, hunting, and promotion of his t-shirt business. I quickly began to follow his blog and read more about his quality t-shirts. In my efforts to help out a fellow blogger, I placed his graphic on my blog sidebar trying to help with promoting some business his way. I thought that the folks who read my blog regularly would be possibly a good resource for Chad’s business.

Quite unexpectedly, Chad was gracious enough to send me a couple of his t-shirts so that I could do some personal evaluation and self promotion by wearing these great shirts.

Field Dressed T- Shirts are of outstanding quality and I can’t get over how detailed the t-shirts are. The photo’s above should give evidence to that. Rather your a fishing nut, a hunting nut, or just an outdoorsy kind of person who likes to show off their interests, these classy t-shirts will look great on you. They are very comfortable to wear and good looking to boot!

Thanks Chad for a product well done. I encourage all my readers to check out these high quality t-shirts and tell Chad that Mel sent you by.

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Posted by on April 18, 2009 in Fishing And Outoor Product Reviews


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