12 Feb

As a follow up on my last post about Fishing & The OBS Challenge, with the focus on “Non-Traditional Faces” in the outdoors, I wanted to share a poem I came across that truly speaks from my heart about one of my favorite ladies on the water. I present to you here:

The Lady of the Lake.

As time draws near, I hear her call,
The lady of the lake.
She fills my dreams with many hopes
and journeys still to make.

To misty waters dark or clear,
with treasure there to find.
With nature’s charms, she opens up
the window of my mind.

The heron’s eye is keen and sharp
We seek a valued prize.
Those golden shapes that dance for us
is where the magic lies.

As sunlight wakes to greet the dawn
the moon must say goodbye
It shall return to meet his friend
They share the open sky.

A ripple breaks the flawless glass
A breeze floats on the air
As shadows weave through endless space
To anglers waiting there.

Our destiny is close at hand.
Our hearts’ one true desire.
As we now gaze upon our hosts
With gleaming eyes of fire.

Our line is cast, a silken thread.
Spun on the wheels of time.
The silence broken, by the church bell’s
Single lonely chime.

Our quarry rests before our eyes,
and graces nature’s net.
Set free, to meet again one day –
A sight we won’t forget.

As stars appear, we say goodbye.
Our journeys without end.
When lady lake returns once more.
With open arms again.

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