26 Oct

I have been tardy with a post on my blog for a few days now. Time just never seems to stop and let me catch up some on all the things I want to do. Simply, I have not had time to set down at the computer and have enough free time to think coherently. I have posts to make and stories to tell. In the spirit of blogging when I do not have time, I thought I would post on “Knot Time”.

Being skilled in tying the required knots that you need to handle the fish you seek and the waters you fish is paramount to good success. You know the old story of the fish that got away because your line broke or your knot came loose. It has happened to any angler worth his time on the water, so to speak! I don’t spend anywhere near enough time tying knots while I am home for practice purposes. I usually wait until I am at or on the water with some good fish working and then I fumble through my knot. Am I like anybody else you know? Think about fishing and golf for example. A golfer has a putting green or a bucket of balls to hit. Practice, Practice, and you will be better. Where does a fisher person go to practice fishing. To the water! Really isn’t much time there to practice if you get what I mean. That next fish may be “Big Herbie”.

I would like to share a very popular link here so that all my readers can check out or re-visit if you have been there before, a great place to learn knot tying by watching animated video of all the knots that most anglers need to be on top of their fishing game. Check out all the different pages for different type knots. Just remember to review all the fishing knots for sure.

I suggest, as a reminder, that all of us take the time necessary to stay brushed up on our knot tying skills. Heck you can even practice while watching the elections next week on television. My point here is “just do it’. Your chances of landing “Big Herbie” will only get better.

Fish on, fellow anglers!

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Posted by on October 26, 2008 in Knot Tying


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