02 Oct

In staying with the theme of the last post I made, being a true sportsman who not only follows the rules of your states Fishing & Hunting regulations, but, one who shows deep respect for our public and private lands is paramount to a great experience in the outdoors. In Idaho where I live, cooperative efforts between the Idaho Department of Fish & Game and other organizations has led to lease agreements that allow sportsman to have access to private land, or to public land through private land, for fishing and hunting purposes. I would like to introduce my readership to Idaho’s “Access Yes” program. Please, please respect the private land owner who have agreed to allow access to their private property for your enjoyment. Don’t take advantage of a great thing or we won’t have it!!

What is Access Yes!?

Access Yes! is a program designed to improve sportsmen’s access to private land or through private land to public land by compensating willing landowners who provide access. Ultimately, the goal is to provide access to 1,000,000+ acres of private land along with access through private land to thousands more acres of public land.

Success through Partnerships!

National Shooting Sports Foundation Logo The Hunting Heritage Partnership Logo

The National Shooting Sports Foundation through the Hunting Heritage Partnerships Grant Program has partnered with the IDFG Access Yes! Program to obtain and secure access for sportsmen through private property to public ground.

Thank you to the National Shooting Sports Foundation, Private Landowners and the support of the Sportsmen of Idaho.

How to Use This Guide:

Man at a gate with a dog

  • Pick a property from the list below or select an area from the map.
  • Review the landowner’s access requirements. Carefully check:
    • whether access is limited or unlimited (i.e. 5 hunters/day, unlimited, etc.)
    • is landowner contact required
    • when is access available (i.e. Aug. 1 – Dec. 31)
    • what types of hunting or fishing opportunities are allowed
    • what special restrictions exist (i.e. no fires or camping, travel only on existing roads, etc.)
    • what special notes are included

Please act responsibly and respect private property. Your attention to landowner’s requirements will help ensure a successful Access Yes! program for the sportsmen of today and tomorrow.

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