26 Sep

(If you live in Idaho just call this number)

As a summer of fishing ends and a wonderful fall of fishing and hunting awaits us, I decided to voice a concern I have every year as to what honorable outdoor sportsmen and women need to please keep in mind. The privilege of being able to participate in our great outdoor experiences is just that. No matter where you live or where you spend your time in the outdoors be sure you know your area fish and game regulations. They apply for the purpose of protecting our heritage that has been given to us by previous generations and that we will leave for our children and our children’s children.

Don’t get greedy!! If you catch fish and decide to keep fish, know what your limits are, know what fish you can keep and which fish you can’t. Know which waters are restricted to certain special regulations as to keeper size. There is no point in fishing until you have cleaned out the lake or stream for gosh sakes!

Recently, I read on another blog about a group of (4) anglers who thought they would indulge in some Bluegill fishing on a local lake. They had some great fishing. I believe their limit was (20) keepers a piece. Unfortunately, this group of fishing screw-ups got quite over zealous. They ended up catching and keeping approximately (275) bluegills!!

Thinking they were on their way to a great big ol’ fish fry or something, these fella’s loaded their gear and headed down the highway. However, another angler on the lake took notice and called local fish and game authorities. Now, for the rest of the story. These fella’s were stopped by authorities on the highway out from the lake. Fish were counted!! Each were written fish and game regulation infractions and told of their day in court. It came and the Judge put it to these fella’s. As I recall, besides losing fishing and hunting privileges, the judge laid a fine on the four fella’s amounting to close to $4000.00

Another story just recently comes to mind. Even though I don’t hunt, greedy hunters are out there too! In my area of the country, a local hunter lost his fishing and hunting privileges because instead of shooting just the one deer he was allowed this greedy hunter shot three and tried to take them all back home as if no one would notice! You know the rest of the story! Lifetime bans are possible!!

So please keep in mind as we all hit the outdoors this fall do keep in mind the regulations in your area. Have a great time, be safe, have some luck, and don’t get greedy. You never know who might be watching you. In turn, I encourage everyone to keep your eyes and ears open to what you come across in the great outdoors. If you see something that looks “fishy” or just doesn’t smell right, or if someone is obviously outside the understood regulations, you have a duty make that call to authorities. If you do make that call you are a hero of the outdoors in my book.

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