17 Sep

Tackle boxes, big and small, fishing vests to carry it all!! The predicament that every angler has when comes to getting all their reels. lures, lines, fishing pliers, bobbers and sinkers, sunglasses, sunscreen, repellent, sandwiches, and other assorted must have needs for your day of fishing to your boat or on your back if you are on foot. Over the years, I have tried them all. These days I have gone to using the soft sided bags or packs to carry my fishing gear assortment. For quick trips or where I want to carry just enough basic gear for a lightweight trip, I have used a simple fanny pack made by Eagle Creek to meet my needs. This pack works great for trips on small streams, or, where one would need to fish off the main trail with a minimum of gear. You would be surprised how much gear you can really stuff in this pack if you need to. Here is a photo of one like I use. Just in the past few days, I have purchased a new day pack to replace an older bag. This is a Mountainsmith Lumbar Day Pack. I am really excited about getting out and using this new pack. Of course, this pack is bigger and will carry much more gear. Yet, it is still comfortable enough to wear on any trip for a day of fishing, hiking, picture taking, or what ever. My pack will carry all of the fishing gear I would ever need for a day of fishing, plus digital camera, sunglasses, first aid kit, lunch etc. It also has mesh pockets for carrying two large water bottles if wanted. I am not attempting to write a professional review here, just noting that Mountainsmith packs appear to be a well made product that will last for years to come. This particular pack can be worn around the waist or comes with a handy padded strap to use as an over the shoulder model. Carrying it around the waist and with the use of the shoulder strap adds stability to keep the pack from moving around on you. Another neat feature is the bright yellow interior material. This design makes it very easy to see what is in your pack and where when you need to find that next lure or other tackle that you need in an instant. A small zippered interior pocket is just great for small items or a place to keep your sunglasses when not in use. Another amazing thing about this line of packs is that it is made from 100% Recycled PET Fabric. (Some sort of fabric material made from recycled plastic as I understand it.) The part of the pack next to your lower back area is an air mesh foam material that really feels good on the back when the pack is loaded. My pack will be put to use in the next few days when I am able to sneak away from work and chase some rainbows and browns on the river. Here is a photo of my Mountainsmith pack raring to go fishing!

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Posted by on September 17, 2008 in Fishing And Outoor Product Reviews


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