01 Sep

Thought I would share a photo of a nice big Idaho Rainbow Trout taken from one of the forgotten rivers in Idaho. Every body fishes the the well known rivers, right? Well, this river will remain unidentified here as I would rather just share the photo and the story behind it than put this river on the map, again, and have a horde of anglers pounding it and disturbing the beauty and sanctity of it. Please respect my thoughts on this matter.

A couple of notes are necessary here. This fish is 22″ in length and if you look closely you can see the White Rooster Tail spinner in the corner of the mouth of this big guy. My Son -In- Law, Zane, landed this beauty. He says 22″ from his ankle to his knee. Unique way of measuring a fish, I guess! Zane has had good success this summer with Rooster Tail spinners.

The title of this blog post is A Big Rainbow Trout and The Bird!! Well, I guess I should tell you about “The Bird”. Here is a picture!

Sorry folks for misleading you all a bit here. I just had to introduce everyone to my granddaughter Jozee. She is better known in my world as “The Bird”. She earned this nickname early on in life and it just stuck with her. She is “Fibe” years old, she says. She is quite small like a little “Bird”. I guess you can figure out from there how she got her nickname. Grandpa loves ya’ “Bird”.

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Posted by on September 1, 2008 in Fishing Eastern Idaho, Rainbow Trout


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